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Residential Driving Courses

What is a Residential Driving Course?

If you are looking to learn to drive ver y quickly for work commitments, or even just for yourself, then a crash course from Aryal Driving School can help you learn quickly in a safe and controlled environment.

Despite the name, an Aryal Residential Driving Course doesn't only involve residential streets. The residential part stands for the great accommodation we arrange for you.

The Aryal Driving School approach to teaching has proven time and time again to be effective and significantly less stressful than learning to drive in the big city.

Obviously is it far quicker to pass your test by doing one of our crash courses, but there are far more advantages than this.

What are the advantages of the Aryal Residential Driving Course?

Compared with hourly lessons you will require far less hours 'behind the wheel' as you will save time by not having to do the 'introduction/recap' every lesson and there is far less chance of forgetting things which is what tends to happen with a weeks gap between lessons. This is also a great boost for giving confidence to nervous people.

Our roads though much quieter than those of a city still offer all the problems of traffic calming, dual-carriage ways and more but without all the stress of busy traffic.

The only downside we can see from doing intensive courses is that they can be very exhausting, however with the great accommodation we arrange for you and the inclusion of plenty of rest time this should not be a problem

Why you should book a course with Aryal Driving School?

We believe we offer the best value as all our residential driving courses include the following;

• Great accommodation
• One -to-one tuition from fully qualified, experienced instructors
• The practical test which is arranged for the last hour of your last day

When comparing prices with other schools remember to add in ALL the 'extras' like accommodation and test fees to their prices and you will then see our courses are fantastic value! Go to our compare prices page to see just how we compare against hourly lessons and the competition.

With our many years experience we pride ourselves on the quality of our tuition and accommodation so can book in complete confidence knowing that we have arranged everything for you, just look at our reviews!

Aryal Driving School is easy to get to by train (we even meet you at the station), just 1.5 hours from VIC - we regularly train people all around Melbourne, VIC .